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Groups, schools and companies

  • Schools

    Vall de Núria is a classroom surrounded by nature: it offers a pedagogical and playful experience to students, from early childhood education to Baccalaureate.

    From the first moment, with the access to Vall de Núria with the rack railway, the students already know a unique and sustainable means of transport that does not produce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, since its electricity consumption comes from solar energy.

    Vall de Núria has a group of approved agencies in the Ripollès region, with a team of professionals who have prepared a series of interdisciplinary activities, thanks to which students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical way. With the commitment towards a respectful management of the natural environment that is based on the preservation, conservation, improvement and respect for the environment and heritage.

    These professionals are available to all interested schools and institutes, in order to advise them in planning their stay. In addition, they will be in charge of conducting the activities and transmitting their knowledge to the students during their visit.

    For information and reservations of rack railway and ski passes, contact with:
    +34 972 732 006

    [email protected]


    To facilitate your visit with different services (service package), contact the approved agencies in Ripollès

  • Companies

    A perfect setting to disconnect from the urban environment: peace and quiet for work reflections. Vall de Núria offers the ideal environment and facilities for business groups to be inspired and to achieve the necessary links between their participants.

    With the Vall de Núria facilities, companies will develop their work meetings, seminars and conventions with the same guarantees that the city offers, but in a perfect setting for concentration. The various facilities include 1 auditorium-style room with all audiovisual services and simultaneous translation booths and 5 meeting rooms of different capacities. All the complementary audiovisual services necessary to achieve the success of the meetings are offered.

    The Hotel Vall de Núria has 3 restaurants with capacity for 250 people. The restaurants offer traditional mountain cuisine with a special presence of top quality native products.

    Participants will also enjoy the possibility of carrying out various activities, both in winter and in summer, guaranteeing that during moments of rest and leisure they will have unique experiences in nature.

  • Groups and seniors

    The mountain resort offers "A day in Vall de Núria", an excursion designed and organized for groups and seniors to enjoy the beauty and spectacular scenery that the Núria rack railway crosses, the only way to access it. As well as the environment, also unique, that will be found in Vall de Núria.

    With this unique proposal, visitors will be able to fully enjoy an incredible high mountain landscape.

    The outing includes all kinds of services and activities, such as, for example, a trip on the Rack Railway (round trip), ascent in the cable car to the Pic de l'Àguila viewpoint and the projection of the film "The Valley and the Five Elements". In addition, you can visit the following facilities: the Sanctuary, the Interpretation Center and the exhibitions in Nuria: "The Shepherds and their paths" and "Memories of snow" and also the Exhibition of rolling stock in Ribes de Freser.

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