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  • Enjoy the exhibitions of Vall de Núria

    Vall de Núria mountain resort is committed to dissemination and learning through the different exhibitions that are continuously shown at the resort. It is for this reason that it offers a space exclusively for exhibitions, the Vall de Núria Interpretation Center.


    This center provides information on the history and beginnings of the ski and mountain resort, as well as the walking routes that can be taken to get there.


    Enjoy and learn in Vall de Núria!


    • Exhibition

      Exhibition "Ninety years of history. The Cremallera de Núria"

      Coinciding with the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Núria Rack Railway, a commemorative exhibition has been held on the history of the Rack Railway Train.


      In Vall de Núria, there will be information on the construction of the Rack Railway and what it means as the only transport to get to Núria.

      At Ribes Vila station, you will discover the rack train system and its technical characteristics as well as the current motor and mobile fleet.



      The exhibition has two exhibition spaces:

      Vall de Núria (for rent)
      Ribes Vila station

      DURATION: from June 12 to November 1, 2021. The exhibition at Ribes Vila station will be permanent.

    • Exhibition ‘Snow Memories’

      Exhibition ‘Snow Memories’

      This exhibition includes, through about seventy pieces, a magnificent collection of skis that are the result of the work of Mr. Jaume Gil Mayolas, witness to the historical legacy of skiing in our mountains.


      Designers of the exhibition: @wasabis_produccio


      LOCATION: Vall de Núria Interpretation Center


      DURATION: From August 6, 2021

    • Audiovisual

      Audiovisual "The valley of the 5 elements"

      In the Interpretation Center we will find an exhibition space with the audiovisual projection of "The valley of the 5 elements", lasting 35 minutes.


      • Exhibition of shepherds and their traditions

      The ski and mountain resort offers visitors the opportunity to see an exhibition based on the life and traditions of the shepherds of the Valley.


      • The buildings of Vall de Núria

      In Vall de Núria you can enjoy an exhibition on the emblematic buildings.


      • The road from Queralbs to Núria. An unusual and magical route

      Among the many activities that can be carried out in Vall de Núria, the great diversity of routes and itineraries that can be traveled stands out. One of the most incredible and magical paths is from Queralbs to Núria, a route that can be visited in one of the exhibitions of the ski and mountain resort.


      • Mobile material of the Rack Railway

      Visitors to Vall de Núria can get to know first hand all the singularities of the rack railway through the exhibition “Mobile material for the rack railway”.


      LOCATION: Vall de Núria Interpretation Center

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