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Do you know our commitment to the environment? 


  • Ecovall, a project that takes care of the valley

    In Vall de Núria we have promoted the ECOVALL Project, the tool that should make it possible to strengthen the capacity to adapt to climate change, while at the same time articulating and defining future strategies.


    In this way it is necessary to reaffirm the will to keep this wonderful place in the center of activities that become a real economic dynamizer of the territory, accepting the challenge of adapting it to this new scenario that climate change draws on the horizon, looking for the sustainability, valuing natural capital and being more efficient in managing and controlling the impacts of the activity itself.


    Vall de Núria and FGC Turisme not only want to lead by example but also want to be a benchmark in society through this instrument, the ECOVALL Project, which should allow us to improve, raise awareness and establish the basis for a more responsible management in the future, and where should be the framework for the development of various actions aligned with the "Sustainable Development Goals".

  • Strategic Objectives


      Position Vall de Núria as a destination committed to the environment


      To become a real dynamizing element of the territory and to promote deseasonalization


      Be a benchmark for sustainability for our customers and stakeholders in general

  • Specific Objectives


    These strategic objectives are translated into different actions that are included in the Plans that FGC Turisme has developed in recent years:

    • On the one hand, the 20/30 Climate Action Agenda, which aims to help maintain the traceability of management in the medium and long term, favoring yields in both environmental and economic matters. This Agenda is important in order to balance these two concepts, so that it has an impact on the revitalization, innovation and sustainability of the territory, as well as giving satisfaction to the stakeholders affected by our activity.
    • On the other hand, FGC's 20/30 Activism Strategy, which seeks to integrate this aspect of awareness and the ability to transform things throughout the FGC organization, in a transversal way, seeking the involvement of everyone , and developing a campaign based on four well-differentiated axes that give a very clear idea of ​​the bet and "declaration of intent".
    • The ECOVALL Project responds to one of these axes, axis 3 of the FGC Tourism Strategy #TriarElCamíSostenible - Environmental sustainability, climate action and protection of natural capital - from which the following lines of action are defined.
  • Projects

    • ZERO OIL

      “Zero diesel” project to expand the current Geothermal energy installation to phase out all diesel installations


      Connection of the Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant and hybridization of hydraulic energy with geothermal energy


      Improving the thermal envelope of a 2,000 m bioclimatic building. height


      Global study to explore other renewable energy alternatives


      Search for 4x4 electric vehicles to replace the current ones with fossil fuel

    • WINTER

      Snow production center optimization


      Reduction of plastic in catering units and improvement of comprehensive waste management


      Valuation, preservation and promotion of Natural Capital

  • Ecovall

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