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The best services 

Bars and Restaurants

    • Bar and Hotel Restaurant

      A relaxed area for customers who want to enjoy a satisfying meal

      Vall de Núria offers a buffet with spectacular display cooking of flame-grilled meats.


      Check the schedules at this link


      +34 972 732 000
      Bar and Hotel Restaurant
    • La Caseta del Llac

      Have a snack with spectacular views of the lake

      Only during the summer season. La Castea del Llac it's located between the Lake and Saint Gils hermitage.


      In La Caseta del Llac you can buy:

      • Snacks and drinks
      • Sandwiches and hot dogs. 


      Check the schedules at this link


      +34 972 732 000

      La Caseta del Llac
    • Self-service and Grill


      Self-service adapts to prevention and safety measures. The service will offer:

      • At breakfast: hot and cold drinks, pastries cold and hot sandwiches.
      • At lunch: daily menu with 2 first courses, salad option, 3 second course options, dessert and drinks.

      Picnic service will also be offered:

      • Sandwich, water and a piece of fruit
      • First, second, dessert and drink menu.


      Check the schedules at this link


      +34 972 732 000

      Self-service and Grill
    • La Cabana dels Pastors

      Service grill with meat and various products, such us sandwiches, hot dogs, salads...

      Restaurant offers the possibility to open for small groups by previosu reservation.

      Its terrace is connected to the PlayPark and is located at the area for beginners.


      Check the schedules at this link


      +34 972 732 000

      La Cabana dels Pastors
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