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  • Beginners' expeditions. Difficulty: Low
    Easy round trips, with a minimum of physical effort, in which the main aim is to get to know part of the valley, accompanied by a mountain guide who will show you the best corners, and the knowledge and observation of the fauna and flora.

    Expeditions to peaks. Difficulty: Medium
    Easy climbs requiring no mountain-climbing skills, accompanied by an expert mountain guide, who will take you to the summit and back to Nuria in complete safety.

    Trekking boots, suitable clothes for the mountain, water bottle.
    Additional material for Expeditions to peaks:
    Storm-proof clothing, snack food.

    Always subject to availability and prior reservation, at least 24 hours, by calling +34 972 73 20 20.

    Vall de Núria recommends four guidelines to respect and mantain the environment and the Valley's surroundings:
    • Collaborate in the selective collection of waste.

    • Respect the flora and fauna.
    • Do not light fires.
    • Make good use of the facilities and water.




    For further information call
    +34 972 732 020
    or send an e-mail to
  • Do you like trekking?

    If you want to do new routes or you would love to initiate yourself on trekking but you don't know where to start , here we give you some ideas!



    • Camí de la Creu de'n Riba

      Camí de la Creu de'n Riba


      • 625 m long
      • 40 m gradient
      • 25 min duration
    • Camí del llac

      Camí del llac


      • 1,500 m long
      • 15 m gradient
      • 25 min duration
    • Camí del canal

      Camí del canal


      • 1,450 m long
      • 70 m gradient
      • 40 min duration
    • Camí de les coves

      Camí de les coves


      • 2,650 m long
      • 175 m of difference
      • 85 min duration
    • Camí de les creus

      Camí de les creus


      • 1,300 m long
      • 150 m difference in level
      • 50 min duration
    • Camí del bosc

      Camí del bosc


      • 2,000 m long
      • 150 m difference in level
      • 80 min duration
    • Núria's old trampoline

      Núria's old trampoline


      • 1,150 m long
      • 68 m difference in level
      • 40 min duration
    • Historic Bridges Route

      Historic Bridges Route

      This route forms a small itinerary of four ancient bridges that were already in use many years ago. We invite you to go through the itinerary and take a selfie in each one of them! In addition, the routes can also be done with snowshoes.

      On each bridge there is a comparison with old photos, a historical note so that you can get to know them better and a small set of clues to be able to do as a family. If you read the information and observe the environment, you will be able to answer the final riddle and thus, they will make the route more interesting.


      Find here All information and rates
    • Traversée des Refuges du Torb

      Traversée des Refuges du Torb

      Cette traversée prend le nom du vent glacial de l'hiver pour parcourir ses lieux durant les mois de prospérité. Il relie deux territoires pleins de beauté et d'histoire tels que la Vall de Núria et le massif du Canigó ; si lié à la culture catalane des deux côtés de la frontière, en marchant le long de ses sentiers, nous profiterons de la montagne dans toute son ampleur, avec des coins inoubliables tels que les Gorgues del Freser, Coma de Vaca, Coll de la Marrana, Portella de Mantet , Esquerdes de Rojà, Pla Guillem, Marialles, Coll de Jou, Carançà, Noucreus, Núria.


      L'organisation propose différents modèles pour faire le parcours avec plus ou moins de jours ou pour les plus audacieux il existe une version avec la possibilité de faire 7 sommets, dont les deux géants d'un bout à l'autre de la traversée comme El Puigmal et le Canigó


      Nous séjournerons dans tous les types d'établissements selon l'option choisie : refuges, auberges, auberges, gîtes d'étape même des hôtels comme celui de Vall de Núria, quelle que soit l'option choisie, nous bénéficierons toujours d'un accueil chaleureux des montagnards.

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    • Camí Vell Queralbs - Núria

      Camí Vell Queralbs - Núria

      "Camí Vell", from Queralbs to Núria, is probably one of the most characteristic mountain routes of Catalonia and the Pyrenees. Upstream or downstream is a wonderful opportunity to combine sport, nature and tradition. For centuries, it was used by pilgrims as a path to the shrine. For this reason, it is full of history and legends.

    • Three shelter's crossing

      Three shelter's crossing

      This makes us through a proposal by classic mountains from Ripoll, a tour through most of the new Parc Natural de les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser and deep into French territory with the famous Valley Carançà. One approach five stages with overnight stays in Coma de Vaca, Ulldeter Carançà will allow us to go places worth visiting by it's own, as the Gorges of Freser, Coma de Vaca ,pastures Circus Ulldeter, lakes and Bacivers Carançà surrounded by peaks towering Bastiments, Bacivers, Peak Infern, Noucreus, etc .. In the last stage of the Engineer's Way we will have the option to visit Nuria and make a return to the Queralbs rack or the known "Camí Vell de Nuria".


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    • Crossing through Refugis del Torb

      Crossing through Refugis del Torb

      This crossing takes the name of the cold wind of winter that cross the territory. It links two regions full of beauty and history, Vall de Nuria and Canigó; so tied to the Catalan culture on both sides of the border. Actually we can walk through its trails and enjoy the mountain in all its breadth, with unforgettable places such as Gorges Freser, Coma de Vaca, Marrana Strait, Portella Mantet, Esquerdes de Rojà, Pla Guillem, Marialles, Coll de Jou, Carançà, Noucreus  and Nuria.

      The organization offers different models to make the route in more or less days or, for those more adventurous, there is a version with the possibility of seven summits, including the two giants from one end of the journey such as Puigmal and Canigó. We stay in all types of accommodation depending on the option chosen: shelters, hostel, hostel gîtes of Hotels etape, even the Vall de Nuria Hotel, whatever the chosen option is, you will enjoy the warm welcome of mountain people.


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