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  • Vall de Núria Medical Center has the technical and human resources to offer a comprehensive attention to resort's users, during the whole year.

    Vall de Núria has a private medical center 24 hours, with a team of doctors. It is located on the slopes and it is open the whole year: in winter and summer.

    The Medical Center is located in the building of San Justi, in the service area, in front of the "Rebost Shop". It is a private service. All day there is a Doctor and the Medical Center has all the necessary equipment in order to take care of all patients in case of emergency.

    There is also an emergency protocol for severe cases, in which patients can be evacuated with a special Rack Railway.


    Medical center
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  • Medical Profile 4.0 - Personal Health Information

    A service offered by GoMedic


    Your medical profile 4.0, always by your side

    The ID, years ago, was our only identity document. Today, however, our identity or business card takes many different forms and shapes. We have an identity or profile in social networking platforms. We also have an identity in the different means of payment. We have a profile on our email, and in a long list of situations where we assume a set of profiles or identities that define us in different aspects of life.
    With the mobile we control our economy. With different profiles on the network, we control our leisure and social activity. But, what about our medical profile? The most common scenario is that we have no idea where we keep the results of the latest tests or analysis that we have done. Or, in the best case, we have all the paperwork lost in some drawer at home.

    All these issues have focused the efforts of a group of doctors and IT specialists.
    The answer to this work is GoMedic, your medical profile 4.0.

    GoMedic orders our relevant medical history and personal information on the subject. This profile is stored in the cloud, so it is available to us when needed.
    GoMedic provides a profile that must be used by doctors. That's why we're not talking about a game or just another digital gadget.
    You have a profile on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. From now on, you also have a medical profile 4.0, with all the vital information well organized and safe.

    Medical use and personal control

    GoMedic is intended for doctors and medical use. The day a person needs to have their medical profile so that a professional can give the right assistance. Naturally, our medical profile is very personal and therefore its protection must meet certain basic requirements; only you'll be able to manage the profile and this means that only people who have been authorized by you can have access. This access authorization can be revoked at any time you wish and immediately. Only you can decide which parts of your medical profile you decide to share with each person. Finally, there is a record to see when and who has accessed your data.

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  • Medical Profile 4.0 - How does it work?

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