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Leisure Park

  • Leisure Park is the most important activity in Vall de Núria. It is an area designed for children and families.

    A space designed for the fun of children and families and that has the following activities:

    • Sleigh tracks (adults and children): One of the most typical and fun activities for the whole family, sit yourself one by one or two by two and make a race sliding by the snow!
    • Tubbing: For those who like that to slip through the snow but want new experiences, there's tubbing, a very typical attraction of the water parks that adapts to the mountain. Slide into a giant donut in long track!
    • Cross Sleding: Following the idea of ​​boardercross or cross-country skiing, the cross sleigh is a type of scheduled, a free-style racing activity that incorporates the characteristics of the terrain that are usually found in this style.
    • Tour of equilibrium games in height: The most adventurous will be able to feel like Tarzan climbing to the heights, hanging on ropes and completing the circuit!
    • Climbing zone: Do you like climbing? Have you never practised it but would you like it? In Vall de Núria you can do it!
    • Zipline: If you are not afraid of the heights and want to feel the sensation of slip rapidly through a suspended string, you will enjoy this activity a lot!
    • NEW Snow skates: These are low profile skate and wide skate that allow you to sit down and down the tracks prepared for that purpose.
    For furter information call
    +34 972 732 020
  • Opening hours and calendar

    Leisure Park opens every day from December 4, 2021.

    Every day
    10:00 am - 4:45 pm
    Last entry
    4:15 pm
  • Leisure Park Rates - Vall de Núria

    Season 2020-2021

    Prices per person (IVA included)

    Rates for persone
    ½ hour
    € 10.00
    1 hour
    € 15.00
    All day
    € 25.00
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    Find out all you can do with your family at the Leisure Park!

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