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Equipment lockers

  • Vall de Núria ski and mountain resort offers lockers to hold all relevant equipment while you are doing a leisure activity in the valley.

    The equipment lockers are located close to Finestrelles Cafeteria, where coincide Sant Justí and Sant Josep buildings.

    There are to kinds of lockers:

    Big equipment lockers: There is no time limit for the usage of the locker. A deposit of € 50,00 must be paid. This account of money will be returned once the locker’s key is returned in the Information Office.

    Small equipment lockers: For this kind of lockers a special coin is needed. You can get if from the vending machine. With this special coin, you will be able to open and close the locker once.

    For furter information call
    +34 972 732 020
    or send an e-mail to
  • Equipment lockers rates

    Rates vary depending on the time required. Rates per person (VAT included).

    1 day
    € 11.00
    2 days
    € 21.00
    3 days
    € 31.50
    4 days
    € 29.00
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