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Schools, companies, groups and seniors

  • Schools

    Vall de Núria is a classroom in the middle of nature: it offers a fun and educational experience for students, from kindergarten to high school.

    In a unique landscape, where you can enjoy peace and freedom, Vall de Núria school presents a program with educational activities that can be done in the middle of the nature, while trying to maintain and respect the environment surrounding the valley: air, water, land, natural resources, flora and fauna.

    Vall de Núria has a professional team who have prepared interdisciplinary activities, through which students can apply practical knowledge and skills. These professionals are able to inform and assist all those who are interested in visiting the Valley in order to do these activities. Moreover, they drive the activities with educational material (that has been already prepared with a practical use: knowledge and skills.

    Students can enjoy all kinds of activities, such as riding a pony, study animals and plants, participate in games which require the 5 senses, go for a trip with a guide mountaineering to Puigmal, Noucreus and Finestrelles or discover the Fontnegre Valley, Eina Valley and the Pic de l'Àliga. With the Centre for Environmental Interpretation, students will also learn about renewable and non-renewable energies, and learn all their advantages and the importance they may have in the future.


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  • Companies

    A perfect setting to get away from the urban environment: peace and quiet to think about work. Vall de Núria offers the ideal atmosphere and amenities to inspire workers.

    With Vall de Núria amenities, companies develop their business meetings, seminars and conventions with the same guarantees offered in the city, but in a perfect setting for the concentration. The amenities include 1 hall auditorium with all audiovisual services and simultaneous translation and 5 meeting rooms of different capacities.

    The Vall de Nuria Hotel has 3 restaurants with capacity for 250 people. Restaurants offer traditional mountain products with the highest quality.

    Participants enjoy the possibility to do different kind of activities, both in winter and in summer.



  • Groups and seniors

    The mountain resort offers "A day in Vall de Núria", a trip designed and for groups and seniors so they can enjoy nature.

    With this unique proposal, visitors can enjoy the most incredible mountain landscape. The trip includes all kinds of services and activities, for example, the rack railway ticket (round trip), trip to the Pic de l'Àliga viewpoint by Gondola, and the entrance to the film "La Vall i els Cinc Elements" ("The Valley and five Elements"). In addition, they can see: the Sanctuary, the Interpretation Centre, Núria's exhibitions, among ohters.


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