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A trip to a unique Valley "Vall de Núria"

Live the unique experience of a special trip and to remember, enjoying the MGB cars and an exclusive treatment accompanied by our guide

Enjoy a different activity every weekend by boarding the iconic swiss vintage cars MGB (Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn), built in 1963, which took passengers to the beautiful alpine town of Zermatt.


A genuine "vintage" high mountain transport that becomes an experience to go up in a different way to Vall de Núria.


A unique experience that you can enjoy every Saturday and Sunday from December 3 to April 9.



  • Accompanied by a personalized care guide (Accompanying Agent)
  • Uphill trip from Ribes de Freser to Núria or from Queralbs to Núria, with seat reservation and the option of a parking space
  • Stop in Fontalba to enjoy the fantastic views
  • Audio guide system to continue the visit through the valley https://www.valldenuria.cat/en/audioguide/



  • Rack Railway at 11.16 am - Start of the journey from Ribes-Vila to Vall de Núria
  • Rack Railway at 11.16 am - Start of the journey from Ribes-Vila to Vall de Núria 5 minute stop in Fontalba
  • Arrival in Vall de Núria and explanation of all the activities that can be done in the valley
  • Free descent with the Rack Railway
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