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The FGC Mountain Series 6.0 are back

Notice date: 13-11-2019
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In this 15th edition of the event, the places where the event is hold is La Molina and Vall de Núria again. And the Vertical Valls d’Àneu returns to the field.

These tests are part of the mountain ski competitions organized by the FEEC. You can check them all here


The tests will be held on December 28 in Vall de Núria with the CronoNúria (Unió Excursionista de Vic), on January 11 will be held in La Molina with the CronoNiu (La Molina Club d'Esports) and finally, on February 2 will be played in Espot as the Vertical Valls d'Àneu (Espot Ski Club Valls d'Àneu)


This year FGC makes a huge bet on sport, and also on mountain skiing. For this reason, one of the novelties of this season is the Mountain Ski Season Pass, designed to facilitate the practice of this discipline within the skiable domains of the FGC stations and in its immediate surroundings and accessible from the station.


The Mountain Ski Season Ski Pass can be purchased at any of the online stores of the FGC Turismo mountain resorts, and will be valid from 11/30/19 until the end of the season.

The FGC Mountain Series 6.0 are back
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