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Take part in the charity race 'Skiing to beat cancer'

Notice date: 24-02-2020
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Take part in the charity race 'Skiing to beat cancer'


The Vall de Núria will be the scene on March 29 of the first edition of the Oncoesquimo solidarity race


The Girona Oncolliga Foundation and the Vic Hiking Union are promoting the 1st charity ski race, Oncoesquimo. This is a team race that aims to get money to help cancer patients in the wholeof Girona and Osona. Athletes will have to do a route of 26 km and a cumulative unevenness of 2,700 meters.

The race is characterized by following the philosophy of the mother race, the Oncotrail, a trail running race that is organized in Palafrugell and also the Oncolliga Girona, where the athletes have to make a donation that is for the services to take care for cancer patients and their families.


On March 29, more than 100 skiers will leave at 9am in the morning from the Vall de Núria station, following the route set by the race directors. During the day the participants of this race will have to complete the three loops that will take them to the Pic of Puigmal (2,913 m) in the first round, the Pic de Finestrelles (2,826 m) in the second round and the Pic de la Fossa del Gegant (2,807 m) in the last lap.


The main objective of this competition is to reach the 2,500 euros in total for the improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients, you don’t have to miss the opportunity to collaborate in this solidarity event and participate in the Skiing race to defeat the cancer of Vall de Núria.


Registration at: www.oncolligagirona.cat

Take part in the charity race 'Skiing to beat cancer'
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