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It welcomes at the Kings Magicians of Orient at a full day of activities

Notice date: 05-01-2020
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It welcomes at the Kings Magicians of Orient at a full day of activities

The night of Kings already acosta and at Núria's Vale want to celebrate it with you, for this motive organise all a day of activities the 5 of January of the 2020 while you expect at His Majesty the Kings Magicians of Orient.

The kings Magicians of Orient reach Núria's Vale (Queralbs) debited of illusion and with ganes to collect the full cards of desires of continuums the girls that come the ones at getting.

To make pleasant the day and do it even more special the season of skiing of Núria's Vale has organised several activities. By means of this ticket will be able to enjoy of a voyage at Zip since Queralbs and access at all the activities.


- 16.10 h: Start of the train zip of Queralbs to Núria, with continuums the boys to go at Getting at His Majesties the Kings of Orient.
- 16.00 h: Start of the boys of the Hostel to the Sanctuary.
- 16.30 h: Meeting of continuums the boys at the Room Saint Josep to do the xocolatada + childish show Alma and the sea of tales with Histories nadalenques.
- 18.25 h: Arrival of His majesties the Kings of Orient for the zone of the Forest to the Sanctuary.
- 18.45 h: Proclamation of welcome.
- 18.50 h: Visit of His majesties the kings of Orient at the Mother of God of Núria.
- 19.10 h: His Majesties the Kings will collect the cards of continuums the boys.
- 19.30 h: Start of the train zip to Queralbs with His Majesties the Kings of Orient.

You do not miss your opportunity and purchase already the banknote of access at the zip and at the activities. Besides, The electronic banknote permits the embarcament exprés with direct access at the train, without having to pass for the locker.

For more information consults the web of Vale of Núria.


It welcomes at the Kings Magicians of Orient at a full day of activities
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