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Measures against Covid-19 applied in Vall de Núria

Information updated on December 18th
Notice date: 18-12-2020
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Vall de Núria station has applied a set of measures and actions to deal with the health crisis arising from the Covid-19 and reduce the risk of infection.


These include capacity restrictions, access control and the redesign and signage of queues at different points in the station.


Access control and capacity restrictions 


Restrictions are applied to gauging at stations to avoid the risk of infection and to minimize congestion and queues. Therefore, it will be mandatory to buy the ski pass through the online store before visiting the station, as from the application will manage the quotas of available daily places. Temporarily, the available product catalog will be restricted and promotions and discounts will not apply.


Users who can benefit from reduced rates applicable to large families and people with functional diversity will be able to go directly to the physical points of sale of FGC mountain resorts to buy their tickets or ski passes.


Only people who have a rack or combined ticket, valid for that day, or a season pass can access the Vall de Núria mountain resort. Once the Vall de Núria Hotel and Apartments and the Pic de l'Àliga Hostel have opened, those with a reservation will also be able to access the station.


Redesign and signaling of queues

- Rack railway. Tariff barriers have been installed at Ribes-Enllaç, Ribes-Vila and Queralbs stations to distribute visitors ’access to the train platforms. Capacity has been limited to the area of ​​barriers and ticket offices. The safety distance has been marked on the ground at the box office, and information signs with Covid-19 measures and hydroalcoholic ice dispensers are available to visitors. In addition, a support agent controls access and capacity.


Barrier belts have been placed at Núria station and the circuit that each user must follow to access the train has been marked. The capacity allowed on the platform has been reduced and the safety distance for visitors must be marked on the ground with yellow dots. It is recommended to remain silent to minimize the risk of infection.


- Coma del Clot cable car. To access the cable car's tariff barrier, two circuits with barrier straps have been created to control the two accesses to the installation (from the tracks and from the rack railway). With signage, remember the mandatory use of the mask, maintaining a safe distance and the recommendation to remain silent. Due to the nature of the Vall de Núria station, the queues at the ski lifts are practically non-existent even on days of maximum influx, which facilitates their management in the current situation. The tapes and ski lifts have a single row and the chairlift will take advantage of the two accesses to the facility that define the access barriers. A banner has been placed on the chairlift in front of the access barrier, reminding them of the safety distance and the obligatory use of a mask. In the case of ski lifts and belts, the tail is L-shaped to ensure a single row without a funnel area.


- Material rental center. The queue outside the venue is marked with ribbons and pickets that mark the route. Within the rent the maximum capacity is 14 people. There is fixed signage on the floor reminding us of the need to maintain a safe distance and the obligatory use of a mask.


- Catering. From Monday 21/12, and in response to the new measures applied to the restoration points, the update will be communicated on the restoration services operating at the stations.


- Playground. Access has been extended to facilitate queuing for family units and the entrance has been separated from the exit. Safety distance signs and mask use have been incorporated.



You can consult the cross-sectional measures applied to FGC stations at this link.


Measures against Covid-19 applied in Vall de Núria
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