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FGC recovers the service of the Coma del Clot de Vall de Núria cable car

Notice date: 21-02-2020
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Now transformed into a cable car and double capacity, the equipment will return to operation from this Saturday, February 22.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) has completed the renovation of the Coma del Clot de Vall de Núria cable car, which will be back in service starting this Saturday, February 22, transformed into a cable car. The equipment, closed since last June, now offers more spacious cabins and will double the transport capacity it had. The cable car will go from carrying 220 people / hour to be able to take your 415 every 60 minutes.


In parallel, FGC is in the process of tendering an elevator that has to connect the platform of the Cremallera station with the boarding area of ​​the cable car. When the lift is installed, the cable car will be 100% adapted for people with reduced mobility. For its renovation part of the Aeri d'Esparreguera material has been used, out of service since 2012. This recycling operation has allowed the installation of the Ripollesa mountain station to be restored, which after 31 years in operation had already reached the end of its useful life


The new cabins


The new cable car has four cabins, two at each station, with capacity for twelve people each. The access will be more comfortable so that the new cabins do not have elements that hinder the entry and the doors are wider. In addition, they will be stopped at the stations, thus improving the transport of goods from the Vall de Núria station to the Alberg de Joventut located in Pic de l'Àliga.


L'Agencia Catalana de la Joventut has collaborated in the increase of capacity, thanks to the acquisition of the new cabins. In this way, in addition to improving the service they have been able to maintain the jobs of the shelter and secure their future.

FGC recovers the service of the Coma del Clot de Vall de Núria cable car
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