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Ice gets under your skin

  • What is the main attraction of diving under the ice?

    Ice formations are dynamic and can change according to variations in temperature; currents… and they can be over a meter. The contrast between light and bubbles trapped in the ice provides a unique underwater landscape.

    Ice diving is considered technical diving. Enjoy a new challenge with all security equipment and without getting cold.

    Don't let cold freeze your desire to dive under the ice!

    This activity is the best way to enjoy a new experience or give an original present. It is aimed at certified diver over 18 years.



    For any question and reservations: 672 021 925

    For furter information call
    +34 972 732 020



  • Opening hours

    Do you feel like diving under the ice? You can practice this activity every day of the week.

    From Monday to Sunday
    9.00 am - 5.00 pm
  • Images

    Don’t miss it! You will enjoy the valley as you have never done before.

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