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For those in love with nature photography

Stay at Hotel Vall de Núria and Photography excursion with Oxineu

With this adventure package you can enjoy a stay at the Hotel Vall de Núria and, in addition, a day of photography in a unique environment. Take some postcard images with you!

You, the camera and many opportunities to capture the desired moment. We offer you a varied pack so you can enjoy different scenarios and situations and end up with a well-varied library of images.


It is offered on the following days:

  • May 31 to June 2
  • September 27 to 29

The activity includes

  • Stay at the Hotel Vall de Núria
  • Guidance and accident insurance
  • Rack Railway (round trip)

Program day 1 (Friday)

  • Afternoon: Reception with the guide + Sunset at Pic de l'Àliga or Pedrisses
  • Night: Dinner at the hotel

Program day 2 (Saturday)

  • Morning: Breakfast at the hotel + bird watching hut
  • Noon: Lunch at the hotel
  • Afternoon: Torrent de Coma de l'Enbut
  • Night: Dinner + night photos

Program day 3 (Sunday)

  • Morning: Breakfast at the hotel + Check out
  • Noon: Lunch at the hotel (optional)

Material to bring: Mountain shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, hat, gloves, frontal, rucksack, water, poles (optional). Photographic material.

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