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(3 days – 2 nights at the Hotel Vall de Núria)


For nature photography lovers. A unique environment to take some postcard images with you

Weekends that the activity takes place

  • From 5 to 7 May
  • From July 18 to 20
  • From September 22 to 24



  • DAY 1

Morning/noon: Arrival of clients in Núria

Afternoon: Reception with the guide + sunset Pic de l'Àliga or Pedrisses

Night: Dinner at the hotel


  • DAY 2

Morning: Breakfast at the hotel + departure to the bird observatory

Noon: Lunch at the hotel

Afternoon: Departure Torrent de Coma de l'Enbut

Night: Dinner + night photographs


  • DAY 3

Morning: Breakfast at the hotel + Check out

Noon: Lunch at the hotel (optional)


Proposed peaks

  • Sunset from Pedrisses or Pic de l'Àliga
  • Fauna from the ornithological observatory
  • Flora and fauna from the Torrent del Forat de l'Embut
  • Night photography or Macro photography


Guidance and accident insurance. Round trip tack railway ticket. Entry with dinner on the first day and departure with breakfast on the last day.


Necessary material

Mountain shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, hat, gloves, headlamp, backpack, water and poles (optional).


To book the experience contact the Hotel Vall de Núria: +34 972 73 20 00

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