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Rack Railway Exposition

  • Núria Rack Railway Exposition in Museum


    It will explore you into the history of the Vall de Nuria. You can access the oldest locomotives as "Geperuda" Electric E-3 in their original state or also the lounge car, considered luxurious, which still runs on special occasions.


    In the exhibition you can also see the old entrance to the rack apparatus and other characteristic elements typical of the time of this railway.


    Vall de Núria aims is to offer visitors a number of options that combine entertainment with culture, and that help to know more deeply the different aspects of the whole valley, both current and historical and traditional.


    So, we encourage you to visit the exhibition for FREE which is located in Ribes - Vila station.


  • Exposition Timetable

    2020 Season

    Opening Timetable
    To 8.30 a.m at 8.30 p.m
  • Image Gallery

  • History of the Vall de Núria Rack railway

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