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The Ecovall Project of Vall de Núria: A solid commitment to sustainability and the natural environment

Notice date: 01-09-2023
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Tags: FGC Turisme, Vall de Núria, Ecovall
  • Presentation at Sant Gil's Day of the Ecovall Project, a bold commitment to sustainability, renewable energy and environmental management, all under the Sustainable Development Goals


  • Sant Gil's Day combines tradition and futurism with traditionally dressed shepherds and the presentation of an ambitious project to protect the environment of Vall de Núria

As part of the annual Sant Gil Day celebration, Vall de Núria has presented the Ecovall Project, an initiative that consolidates its commitment to sustainability and environmental management. This project, presented under the stage of the Day, stands out for its focus on renewable energy, improved waste management and environmental innovation, while following the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).


Sant Gil's Day, which commemorates the work of evangelization and protection of shepherds in the area, served as a platform to present this bold project. In addition to the traditional celebrations that include religious services, sardana dances and parades with shepherds dressed according to tradition, the day incorporated a look towards the future with the presentation of the Ecovall Project.


Through this project, Vall de Núria seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and strengthen its commitment to clean energy. Currently, the Cremallera Train, the only way to access Vall de Núria, runs on 100% solar energy. They also have ISO 14001 environmental management certification for all resort activities.


The Ecovall Project encompasses a wide range of actions that include the expansion of the use of geothermal energy, the replacement of service vehicles with electric 4x4 models and the installation of charging points for electric vehicles. This turns Vall de Núria into a model of equipment committed to preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.


In addition to the presentation of the Ecovall Project, visitors to Sant Gil's Day had the opportunity to see the exhibition "1923: Josep Danés transforma Núria", commemorating the 100th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of sanctuary-hotel complex. This event skilfully combines tradition and future to ensure a more sustainable future for Vall de Núria.


In short, Vall de Núria reaffirms its commitment to tradition, sustainability and environmental protection with the Ecovall Project, marked by its launch on this memorable Sant Gil Day.

The Ecovall Project of  Vall de Núria: A solid commitment to sustainability and the natural environment
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