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Full Moon Yoga

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Location: Hall of the Vall de Núria Hotel
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Yoga under the moonlight? Why not?

The full moon that illuminates the dark night invites us to put light into the darkness. Just as it influences the Earth's water with its force of attraction in the form of tides, it also influences us, remember that we are 65% water!

It is a period where we can feel our emotions in full bloom, so it is ideal to create spaces that help us express them and feel them in a friendly way with ourselves and with other people. It's a good time to plant, take care of yourself and breathe in the fresh air. For this we will perform a gentle yoga practice connecting with the second chakra (svadhistana) with hip openings and fluid movements in the form of waves. Its element is water, it is the energy center related to sexuality, emotions, sensation, movement and care. So it will be a yoga space to let flow, thank and share from the heart.


This activity, organized by the Vall de Núria Hotel, costs €5.00, but is free for people staying at the Vall de Núria Hotel and Apartments. For more information and reservations call the reception of the Hotel Vall de Núria on +34 972 73 20 00.


Photo Caption: LAURA F.DAUNAS.

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