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The Virtual Challenge of l’Olla

  • Join the Virtual Challenge of l’Olla! Hiking and trail running whenever you want and with whoever you want!

    Vall de Núria proposes you a different way to enjoy Olla de Núria race, an adventure for lovers of hiking and trail running. 


    This mountain race has 21 kilometers where you do not step on an inch of asphalt.72% of the route is over 2,700 meters. It will be hard, but it is worth it, since you will reach the Puigmal (2,913 meters), the most emblematic summit of the eastern Pyrenees.


    Do you need any more excuse? After ascending to Puigmal, the classic Olla descends from the Pic del Segre, 2,809 m, passing through the Coll de Finestrelles and the ascent continues to the peak of Finestrelles, 2,827 m, and following the Pic d'Eina. Then, after going through the Pic de Noufonts you will find the next step control. Finally, you will climb up to the Coll de Noucreus, 2,799m, and end up at Puig de Font Negre (2,727m) and Pic de l'Àliga (2,472m). The arrival will take place in the esplanade in front of the Sanctuary of Vall de Núria. The cumulative difference is 3,880 m.


    Why a virtual Challenge?
    A virtual career allows you total freedom: you can do it the day you want and at the time that suits you better, alone or with friends. In addition, it has all the attractions of a competition: you can compare yourself with the rest of the participants, but, above all, with yourself, since you can do it as many times as you want from the month of June until October 15.


    How does the system work?

    Visor mobile Cursa Virtual;

    First of all you need to download the Vall de Núria application to read the QR that you will find in the sign at the beginning of the route to start your timekeeping.

    Then, make the route in the shortest time possible and/or meet the requirements set by Vall de Núria for each category. Once you reach the end of the route, read the QR for the sign at the end of the route, in this way you can finish the timing. Your time will be published on the website www.valldenuria.cat and on your My Skitude profile, provided that you have completed the entire journey.

    In case you want to improve your time or live this unique experience again, you can register the route as many times as you wish. Do we start?

    A challenge open to all those who accept the challenge
    It is a challenge designed for all those people who want to walk alone or in company and seek a memory that certifies their passage on the road (time, distance, altitude, etc.), as for the passionate exercise. It is an adventure framed in landscapes in the middle of nature.


    It is designed for anyone who wants to excel on a personal level trying to do the race in the shortest time possible or even for those athletes who need a reference to control their evolution.


    What prizes can I win?
    There will be prizes for the best times! The first two classified men and women will win a one night stay with accommodation plus breakfast at the Vall de Núria Hotel for two people (not valid for the high season) and subject to the availability of accommodation.

    In addition, a final draw will be held with very interesting prizes for all participants: a free participation for two people to the "Refugis del Torb" (reduced version) during the summer season 2020, 3 vouchers with one-way ticket and return of the Rack Railway of Vall de Núria with entrance to the Leisure Park and 3 vouchers with round trip ticket of Rack Railway with ski pass.


    What does participation include?
    Registration is free and you just have to follow the steps indicated at the time you register in the application.


    Do not miss anything! Follow the ranking of the activity through the application.

    For futher information, call
    +34 972 732 020
    or send an e-mail to
  • Download the App of Vall de Núria!

    Scan the codes and download the App to participate in the race! It is available for iOS and Android.

    App Vall de Núria Apple
    QR Vall de Núria Apple
    QR App Vall de Nuria Android
    QR App Vall de Nuria Android
  • Partners of Vall de Núria Virtual Challenges

    • The crossing of the 3 Refuges

      The crossing of the 3 Refuges

      The Crossing of the Three Refugees offers the possibility of discovering incredible landscapes of the Eastern Pyrenees on foot.

      Thanks to this route, you can discover the wild fauna, impressive gorges, flowers, lakes and rivers, and lush forests. At the end of each stage you will find shelters where you can recover your strength for the next day.

      During the course of the route, more than 3,000 meters of altitude rise and fall. Among the most outstanding peaks of the area are: Balandrau, Bastiments, Gra de Fajol, Gallinàs, Torreneules and Puigmal. That is, more than 6,000 meters of altitude difference.


      Participating in the "Camí Vell" Challenge of Vall de Núria you will enter directly into the draw for a participation in the "Tres Refugis" trip.

      The prize includes:
      Three nights accommodation for two people in the shelters of Ras de Carançà, Ulldeter and Coma de Vaca.
      Forfait of participation in the crossing.

    • The crossing of Torb Refuge

      The crossing of Torb Refuge

      The crossing of Torb Refuge joins Núria and Canigó. It is a route designed to be done in five natural stages. In addition, it goes through the historic paths where shepherds have walked with their flocks and, today, hikers.


      Participating in the Virtual Challenge of the Olla de Núria you will enter directly in the raffle of a participation in the Crossing of the Torb Refuge (reduced version).

      The prize includes:
      Three nights accommodation for two people in the shelters of Ras de Carançà, Ulldeter and Coma de Vaca.
      Forfait of participation in the crossing.

  • Photos of La Olla de Núria

    Photographs by Toni Anguera and Pep Ubach.

  • La Olla de Núria, a trail running event

    Report broadcasted on EvasiónTV of the XI Olla de Núria 2017 edition.

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