Respecting the environment

At Vall de Núria we have always taken great care in the upkeep and respect for our surroundings: air, water, land, natural resources, flora and fauna.

This heritage belongs to all of us, which is why all activities in the area, the valley’s services, buildings and facilities have always been implemented with the criteria of respect for and conservation of the environment in mind.

For us, achieving the balance between human activities in the upper mountain ecosystem is a top priority. Our commitment towards the environment is dynamic, pro-active and engaged, with all of us professionals involved feeling a part of it and dedicated to it.

Everything we do is guided by the principle of continuous improvement and we want to contribute actively to people working in harmony with the environment.

Vall de Núria’s environmental policy is based on preserving, conserving, improving and respecting the environment and heritage and constitutes one of the central values and strategies of our business.

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 environmental Policy

Environmental information and awareness

Vall de Núria is particularly interested in spreading the values of respect and preservation of the natural environment among its visitors. Knowledge and understanding is essential in order to protect. It is for this reason that we offer a set of facilities and activities aimed at aiding appreciation of the environment and those elements that compose it:
Nature Hall. Permanent exhibition about the upper mountains’ natural systems.
Dedicated information points distributed around the grounds: the orientation table at the Creu d’en Riba, weather observatory, mountain flowers, the red frog, the river trout, the Environmental Interpretation Centre (CIM), the water treatment plant, etc.
Marked walking and excursion Itineraries to enjoy and gain a better viewpoint of the various natural surroundings where the sanc-tuary is located.
Discovery activities and workshops specially aimed at schools.

Our environmental management system. Environmental certification

Vall de Núria, in seeking to put our environmental policy into practice, has voluntarily adopted an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 international standard. By adopting it we have been able to include all those aspects of activity that can have an impact on the environment into our overall management processes. Our system is, of course, subject to regular audits that allow us to demonstrate that we are fulfilling our commitments and guiding principles transparently and objectively.

The ISO 14001 standard is a tool which has continuing system improvements, pollution prevention and compliance with current legisla-tion as its principal objectives.

In order to achieve this commitment it is essential that each and every one of those who work at Vall de Núria is fully engaged, as well as obtaining the involvement of our visitors.

Environmental certification

Our environmental management system was certified by Tüv International in 2001, and is renewable three-yearly. This certification is for us an encouragement towards working continually hand-in-hand with and for the environment.
Vall de Núria manifests and affirms its undertaking to society to work in tune with the environment and maintain it as an integral part of its progress. We want to develop our activities with continual improvements, taking this practice further than is legally required and within the framework of ethically based prevention.

Environmental improvement activities carried out at Vall de Núria

· Energy saving measures
· Waste sorting
· Preservation and maintenance of land layout
· Water quality improvement measures
· Measures to integrate activities within the environment