Accommodation and Eating


We offer an eating experience to suit all tastes with five appetising options:

Hotel Restaurant

A relaxed space for customers who want to enjoy a satisfying meal.
We offer two options: either buffet style with spectacular display cooking of flame-grilled meats, or from a menu allowing you to choose various dishes prepared with typical local produce.

La Cabana dels Pastors

An inviting old-style space where you can enjoy traditional mountain dishes, fun tasty fondues or stone-braised meats, to share with family and friends. And for afters, classic desserts such as the music (nuts and sweet wine), honey and curd or chocolate fondue.


Choose whatever appeals, ready to eat. Salads, soups, grilled meats or cooked dishes. And for afters, fruit, cakes and ice creams.

Finestrelles Bar

Café-Bar with counter service. Your choice is made up of a selection of filled baguettes, sandwiches and pizzas. The best place if you are in a hurry.

El Racó de la Vall

A small smart restaurant with a limited number of places, where you can relish the select cuisine of Vall de Núria. Menu tailored to your choice. Ideal for groups and celebrations.