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Day ski passes

    • Rack Railway + Ski Pass

      Rack Railway + Ski Pass

      If you want to go skiing just one day, Vall de Núria offers you the opportunity to buy a day ski pass.

      If you buy it online, you will enjoy a 10% discount on the day ski passes sold at the ticket office. You can purchase it any time and from any Internet connection point.

      There are different kind of modalities:
      Rack Railway + Ski Pass
      Rack Railway + Ski Pass (For beginners)
      Rack Railway + ½ day ski pass
      Rack Railway + ski pass for several days
      Vall de Núria Skitren

      € 30.00
      Buy it now!
    • Freedom of choice ski pass

      Freedom of choice ski pass

      The freedom of choice ski pass allows you to choose between 2 modalities (5 days or 8 days), no consecutive days, to enjoy skiing without dates or commitments.


      The 5-day ski passes are nominal, ie, only the owner can use them. 8-day passes are not nominal and anyone can use them. You are only allowed to use 1 ski pass each day.

      € 24.00 / day
      Buy it now
    • Ski pass for families

      Ski pass for families

      Do you feel like skiing with your family? Vall de Núria makes it easy! Discover our special prices and enjoy with the in the snow.

      € 89.70
      buy now
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