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Papu night

Location: Vall de Núria
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Every winter, since 1994, Vall de Núria hosts a very special night: the night of the Papu. Experience it with us!

Papu night is a real party of skiing and après-ski. Shortly after 5:00 p.m., the snow groomers prepare the slopes of Vall de Núria to leave them ready again for the Papus to ski there an hour later. At 6:00 p.m., the slopes and ski lifts open and the Papus play and slide on them for a couple of hours.


And who are the Papus? Well, they are nice ghosts big and small and of all conditions who, although they really like to party, eat and dance, what they love is skiing at night, with the help of powerful spotlights installed on the slopes of the resort.

Come and enjoy Nit del Papu, the best night skiing in the Pyrenees. For more than a decade, in mid-February, Vall de Núria opens its slopes at night to ski under the stars and escape from the Papus who are looking for us to scare us. There will also be a descent of torches for young and old. Once the skiing is over, a good barbecue will give us strength for the dance that ends the party.

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