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Restuarant and Services

Vall de Núria Restaurant

The Vall de Núria Hotel has a restaurant which has recently been expanded with 150 new positions, added to the current 182, to increase capacity and improve customer service.

The new restaurant is located on the terrace. From the restaurant you can enjoy the views of Finestrelles valley, the Coma de l'Embut and the peak of Roc Malé.

This extension allows us to offer a space for banquets or groups, significantly improving the quality of service.

The stay at the Hotel allows guests to enjoy the buffet wich has a selection of products from El Ripollès.

The Vall de Núria Hotel offers exclusive services for guests staying at the same hotel or ath the apartments: It has 5 rooms with modular layouts. Among the different rooms of the hotel, you can find: Auditorium, Library / Map Library, Hall of the Statute, Fustanyà Room, Serrat Room and multipurpose rooms.


  • Auditorium: to enjoy the projections about Vall de Núria.
  • Library / Map Library: it includes a wide selection of books and maps of the region and the Pyrenees.
  • Hall of the State: it is a living room ideal for gathering with a selection of graphic drafting of the Statute of Catalonia in 1932. There is also a piano.
  • Fustanyà Room: it is a room design to read or to listen to music.
  • Serrat Room: a play area for children, which are the activities planned for them and electronic games and board games.
  • Multipurpose Rooms: Queralbs and Rialb Rooms are spaces for business meetings, cultural activities and entertainment
  • Resident Card: Allows you to travel by the Rack Railway, for free and with no limit, during your stay in Vall de Núria. Moreover, you can enjoy discounts. Check conditions at the information office.
  • Cau de la Marmota: Vall de Núria playground, with guided activities for children from 4 to 10 years, is a free service for families staying at the Hotel and at the Apartments. Check availability.
  • The shop / el Rebost: If you are staying in Vall de Núria, the shop and El Rebost offer you a selection of food and handmade products, clothes, mountaineering accessories and everything you might need during your stay. Also have an exclusive booking Press, collection and delivery of prescription drugs, order of food and recharge phones.

The services offered are the following:

  • Wi-Fi gratuïta
  • Caixa forta
  • Calefacció geotèrmica amb sistema de sòl radiant i fan-coils
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